Sunday, 14 December 2014


Look at the newspaper these days, may be you find a little change in political scenario but move eyes from there and look at the cases of harassment....not even a minor change.The evil instincts are aggravating, an outrage today; vanishes tomorrow.Do these newspaper reach to administrative and government officials?If yes, do they have kept their eyes close?How can a 'taken for granted' attitude for such injustice in regard to female community is bearable?

Eve-teasing and slazing on roads and bus stops....a picture of complete lack of morality.What is government doing on the name of woman empowerment, if the justice had been a bit strong definitely there would have been reduction in such incidents. How much time do this male community need to accept that woman is no more embellished now, if you can't give her respect, if you can't take her responsibility...don't but let her move alone with dignity.  

We talk of same things today, a bit we move and reach where we have started from. It is difficult that this voice will reach to their ears, so this caravan of our right and justice will have to be led by our voice only. We must keep ourselves strong and determinant because there is still a long way to go......

Friday, 5 December 2014


Debates and spark triggered these days for the borderline that is set for the girls students in various colleges and universities.Either it was AMU or our DU, girls spoke from everywhere. Not only about the strictness set in their schedule and behavior but also through various pressures and restrictions they have to pass through.

AMU Vice Chancellor when spoke about 'No girls appearance'  in Maulana Azad library, outrageous response had to come. Under the pulls and pressures from the court and government, things were marked in favor but it again marked the symbol when belonging to woman community was the reason, you were barred from learning. There were VC's reasons that followed that but let we know if psychological behavior of others will go wrong...when attitude of society will go wrong....we will keep our girls sacrificing and blaming?So unjustified it is, in their respect and why should they always pay for it... 

No restriction in setting the no. of boys going to library, for whatever purpose they go(as required or as indicated)?

Girls student saying that 'VC is like our father' is remarkable and let us keep maintaining this dignity 
by letting the girls equitable in every approach. Finally its the victory for the girls ,instead victory for all of us...resolution is passed and now my girls students can avail this facility.This was not about books,library and education but it holds various other important meanings that are today important to let girls keep going without distinction in this dominated man sphere.... 

Thursday, 16 October 2014


This is the starting of my blog, so I thought why not to start with someone so inspirational.Reforms don't come from experience, age but from an instinct to bring the change. A 17 year old girl winning a nobel was something wow!...Not her age but an extremely important lesson she has taught to this patriarchal society, the discrimination which continues in many part of the world.Why do we expect so much from our women?Do their loyalty and selfless service need a reward or the strings in which we hold them?

Education is a blessing and each of my girl has right to receive this and Malala told the world that the power of knowledge and light is sufficient to demolish the boast of any organization.My girl is academically efficient and education is never  a threat to your customs and values; instead it add gems to it.We are lucky to have a rich soul in our society, the power of guns proved so small in front of her determination; determination to bring light,a light that shines the world in real terms.

This is a good lesson and lets start the step to teach each girl, an initiative led by perfect beacon of light....